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Is it ok to irrigate broad bean during flowering stage?

Broad bean, dry    None Given

Here ppl say dont irrigate broad beans during flowering stage it will cause flowers to fall i want to know if its a myth cause i didnt irrigatited broad beans for 10 days and they are wilting now, i wanna know if its myth i water them

Asked by: Issah (1 point)   Posted:June 4, 2017

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The creatures on my broad bean plants
Tiny creatures attacking my plants

Broad bean, dry    India

I'm growing broad bean plants. Lately I noticed lots of ants in them. When I looked closely I saw many black creatures on them which look almost like lies or ticks. Few of the leaves also look like they have been infected with leaf borers. I'm experiencing a similar problem with my okra plants...

Asked by: Sneha (2 points)   Posted:February 12, 2016

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brown spots on beans
Black spots on broad bean plants.

Broad bean, dry    United Kingdom

My broad bean plants which went in the garden in the autumn are now badly affected by black spots on the leaves and stems and most of the plants. I am thinking it best to do away with them all and start again with another crop of something. We are having some very damp and humid weather up here...

Asked by: Pippa Gander (2 points)   Posted:June 9, 2014

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