Wasabi leaves drying up and dying

Cress    Syracuse, NY

The leaves on my wasabi plant are progressively drying up and dying. I had the plant near a window with partial sun which may have led to its decline (too much light), but it's been out of the sun for a week in a spot with indirect light and has gotten worse since then. The dying leaves always...

Asked by: Matt (9 points)   Posted:June 24, 2016

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Watercress sourced from B&W
Are these marked leaves edible?

Cress    Texas

This is watercress purchased from the grocery store and grown by B&W. The markings are irregular long and round. They are grey in color and mostly only appear on the top side of the leaves. I’m curious as to what they are and if the marked leaves are safe for consumption?

Asked by: Hammad (1 point)   Posted:September 17, 2019

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