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Mushroom Cultivation

Mushrooms    None Given

I want to start an edible mushroom garden, the thing is I live in Saudi Arabia and we don't have trees here but some tropical trees like conocarpus tree whitch is 6-8 in diameter. Can I grow edible mushrooms in compost and wood chips? Do I have to have tree logs to be able to grow mushroom spawn...

Asked by: reem (9 points)   Posted:December 10, 2014

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The culprit, a slug!
White mushroom with bite marks

Mushrooms    South Africa

I noticed a white mushroom growing near a planter, it is about 50mm/2 inch in diameter, and looked like something had taken two bites,on opposite sides of the cap,do snails eat mushrooms?

Asked by: Jem (1 point)   Posted:June 1, 2014

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Caterpillar on mushroom
Pests for mushroom

Mushrooms    Ghana

What kind of pest is this and how do I treat it? It is destroying mushrooms. I have attached images for reference.

Asked by: Emmanuel (1 point)   Posted:August 15, 2020

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Growing mushrooms in a greenhouse

Mushrooms    KISUMU KENYA

is possible for one to grow mushrooms in a green house and succeed in kisumu kenya

Asked by: FREDRICK NYAMSEKE (1 point)   Posted:November 13, 2014

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Media for mushroom cultivation

Mushrooms    None Given

I have mushroom plugs both for chicken of the woods and Lion's main, i live in Saudi Arabia and we dont have tree logs to cultivate in! what other successful matter can I use ?

Asked by: reem (9 points)   Posted:January 5, 2015

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Trees for cultivating Mushrooms

Mushrooms    None Given

we have few typs of trees but i know nothing about tree typs, and i know nothing about hardwood and softwood. is there away i can tell the difference? can i cultivate mushrooms in coffee waste ?

Asked by: reem (9 points)   Posted:January 17, 2015

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How to get started growing your own mushrooms?

Mushrooms    KS USA

I really want to try growing my own mushrooms and I have seen kits advertised that provide various substrates to grow them in such as sawdust. I like the idea of wood growing and I do have space in my basement, which I believe is the recommended location for trying this. Is it necessary to...

Asked by: Mike T. (3 points)   Posted:March 28, 2013

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