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Red Inside of bell pepper

Pepper, bell    Washington

I recently used a green bell pepper for a meal, and when I cut it up, I noticed that the normally white area within the top of the pepper where seeds are was red. It was spotted with dark red dots and looked like had it gone bad, but there was no mold, just the dots. What were the dots? Is the...

Asked by: freja (1 point)   Posted:July 12, 2019

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Pot sizes

Pepper, bell    None Given

I have 9 Feher pepper plants and want to transplant them into there larger pots, how many can I plant in a 6 gallon pot? Also I have 2 bell Pepper plants can I pot them together in one 5 gallon pot?

Asked by: Lorraine (1 point)   Posted:May 5, 2017

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Under side of bell pepper container
White foamy, fungus like stuff growing under bell pepper

Pepper, bell    None Given

I checked under my containers today and my red bell pepper plant has this white foamy, fungus like stuff growing out of the drainage holes. Is my pepper plant doomed? If not how do I remedy this? I'm a first timer here so go easy on me šŸ˜Š

Asked by: Eve P (1 point)   Posted:April 12, 2016

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Flower drop

Pepper, bell    None Given

The flowers of my bell pepper plants are falling. Also the stem that holds the blossom turns yellow and fall off as well (this happens couple of days later). What is the problem and how to control it? PLEASE HELP!!!!

Asked by: chuck wilson (1 point)   Posted:August 8, 2016

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How far apart should tomatoes and peppers be spaced?

Pepper, bell    Zone 7

I read somewhere that I should not plant tomatoes close to peppers. I guess this is something to do with an increased risk of disease as they are related? How far apart do they need to be planted?

Asked by: Ed Simmons (3 points)   Posted:April 13, 2013

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Yellowing and curly leaves
Disease in pepper plants

Pepper, bell    None Given

I found those symptoms in Atitlan, Guatemala. What kind of disease is this? Is it a virus?

Asked by: Erick (1 point)   Posted:July 13, 2016

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Close up leaves
Pepper plant died

Pepper, bell    MI

Does anybody know what might have happened to my Cayenne pepper plant? It was doing ok indoors over winter and started looking sickly this week. I think it has died. Any ideas?

Asked by: Abby (7 points)   Posted:February 2, 2013

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Pepper, bell    Tanzania

8 by 30 mts with 845 red ad yellow sweet peppers.

Asked by: RBM (1 point)   Posted:March 20, 2019

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What would cause flowers to fall off pepper plant?

Pepper, bell   

Hi.I have noticed this two years running. My bell pepper plant will produce lots of flowers, but they drop off without producing fruit. What could be causing this? I'd really appreciate the help.

Asked by: Nina R (1 point)   Posted:March 5, 2013

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necrotic spots

Pepper, bell    Iran

Hello whats wrong with this pepper in greenhoues? there are some necrotic spots on this pepper. thank you.

Asked by: golsam (1 point)   Posted:June 26, 2018

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Plant 2
Stilted growth of Sweet Peppers

Pepper, bell    Wellington, South Africa

I have stinted growth on my Green Peppers (unknown variety). The plants remain small and as can be seen in other photos the leaves don't look healthy. The plant in this image (Plant 1) is now 40cm high and was transplanted to the bed at the beginning of October. I have applied Epson salt as leaf...

Asked by: Chris (2 points)   Posted:December 19, 2016

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Plant disease

Pepper, bell    None Given

I have a bell pepper in a patio container - full sunlight. Plant seems to be flourishing but black spots have appeared at the 'Y' joints where leaves join the stalk. Lower leaves seem to be wilting somewhat. Too much water, or ????? Thanks

Asked by: Ron Nosal (1 point)   Posted:June 11, 2016

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Early Sunsation?

Pepper, bell    None Given

How tall will my early sunsation pepper plant become? Since I've transplanted it three weeks ago, it has only grow a few inches at most. The peppers are looking outstanding though.

Asked by: cole (2 points)   Posted:May 24, 2014

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Bell pepper plant

Pepper, bell    None Given

The leaves of my bell pepper plant is crinkled but not rolled up. There are no bugs or larva's or spots or webs. Plant looks healthy & has blooms & peppers. None of the leaves are turning yellow or brown. What's up????

Asked by: DyanaSue (1 point)   Posted:June 3, 2017

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JalapeƱo Joints Black

Pepper, bell    Long Island, NY

The stem joints are black. I have read this could be conpletely benign, but it is possibly caused by a disease and just wanted to check.

Asked by: Chris (2 points)   Posted:June 23, 2015

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Yellow and Curled Pepper leaves

Pepper, bell    None Given

I got two bell pepper saplings from my friend and transferred those to a pot. I water it twice a day and it gets good sunshine. After a week, some of the older leaves in the bottom started to turn yellow and then later on it has some holes on it and started to dry. Though the leaves in the top...

Asked by: Jady (1 point)   Posted:July 7, 2016

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What causes this knobbly leaves on a pepper plant?

Pepper, bell    Emthanjeni Local Municipality,South Africa

What is the reason for these knobbly growths on the leaves of bell peppers?

Asked by: Chris (2 points)   Posted:July 9, 2020

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Bell pepper or jalapeno, short poinsettia pepper in background.
Why aren't my peppers growing?

Pepper, bell    NW Ohio

These plants have been outside for a month now and they have BARELY grown any taller; however, stems have grown more sturdy, and this particular plant has started budding in the last 2 weeks...as if nothing is happening to it, haha. It is my first year growing peppers from seed so I may have...

Asked by: Rebecca (2 points)   Posted:June 21, 2016

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Disorder in the foliage Montalban, Carabobo State, Venezuela
Disorder in foliage of pepper growing in greenhouse

Pepper, bell    None Given

We are looking this disorder, but we check with magnifying glass and we can not find any mites or trips, we think that this disorder is abiotic cause but we are not sure which type of cause induce them. We check the EC and it is located in 3, and the pH is 6.5, the substrate is organic...

Asked by: Fernando Hernandez (1 point)   Posted:June 28, 2017

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Beginning to produce fruit but the leaves are closing. The temperatures here have been triple digit lately. Is this because of the heat - or a bug? or a watering issue?
Red Bell Pepper leaves are closing

Pepper, bell    None Given

The leaves on my red bell pepper plants are closing. I have sprayed the leaves with the canola oil and dish soap mixture recommended on this website to protect the plant from the leaves being eaten by bugs. Could this be causing the problem? Is it getting too much water or sunshine or is the...

Asked by: Steve Stone (1 point)   Posted:July 21, 2016

2 answers    1468 views

Fruits are turning black.
Bell pepper problem

Pepper, bell    None Given

Hi to everyone. My bell peppers are turning black. What is the problem of these plants? Can you please help me?

Asked by: zari (1 point)   Posted:March 24, 2017

2 answers    5291 views

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Bell pepper maintenance

Pepper, bell    bunbury wa 6230

Do you cut back the plant in the cold months for better propagation in the oncoming hot months?

Asked by: roger bott (2 points)   Posted:September 26, 2014

2 answers    2424 views

This is an image of one of the plant.
Please help me treat my pepper

Pepper, bell    Rice Bacterial blight    Cameroon

Hi, I have a small gardern with pepper plants. But out of a sudden, the leaves have coiled, and growth is stunted. I am really worried, and I don't know how to treat the plant and make it recover. Please help me. Thanks

Asked by: Adze (1 point)   Posted:September 27, 2020

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How to treat disease

Pepper, bell    Cameroon

Hi, I have cultivated Pepper on a small scale. Majority of the plants are infected by a disease and most of the leaves coil making them have stunted growth. Please can you give me the name of any insecticide or fungicide which can treat this.

Asked by: Adze (1 point)   Posted:September 8, 2020

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Almost gone.
Peppers in the tropics.

Pepper, bell    Trinidad and Tobago

My hot and pimento peppers have developed a crinkled leaf as new leaves appear when the first bearing is in progress. I see no evidence of pests and have not used any pesticides, only top dressing of complete fertilizer. I notice the same problem starting on the tomato and citrus plants! On...

Asked by: Hazel (1 point)   Posted:September 22, 2017

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Italian Pepper Leaf Curl?

Pepper, bell   

I'm having some trouble with our two month old Italian Pepper plants, after pinching off a few early buds to encourage growth the leaves appear to fold/curl inwards on new growth. What can cause this and how can I fix it? Thank you in advance!

Asked by: BCH (1 point)   Posted:October 30, 2016

1 answer    1870 views

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Aphids on pepper plants

Pepper, bell   

My pepper plants had an aphid infestation and some of the leaves were so badly damaged that they turned brown and died.One of the fruits that was developing also turned brown and died. The plant currently has another 3 fruits on but the plant is struggling. Is this plant likely to survive or...

Asked by: Pamela Croft (1 point)   Posted:August 13, 2013

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Feher ozon peppers.

Pepper, bell    None Given

My feher ozon peppers (paprika) have brown spots on the fruits, I removed them and only 2 had it.? I have about 9 plants of these peppers, will they all get it?

Asked by: Lorraine (1 point)   Posted:June 17, 2017

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Best mix for jalapeƱo pepper seeds

Pepper, bell   

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I am looking for advice on the best mix to use for growing jalapeƱo seedlings. Some people seem to use a regular potting mix while others use various soilless mixes. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Asked by: Bill (3 points)   Posted:February 18, 2013

2 answers    3790 views

damaged pepper leaves
what is causing holes in my pepper plants leaves?

Pepper, bell    MI

another problem with my pepper plant! i was watering this morning and noticed that there are holes in at least two of the younger leaves at the top of the plant. the plant currently sits in the window and I do not disturb it at all. i am not aware of damaging it and i cant see any trace of any...

Asked by: Abby (7 points)   Posted:February 11, 2013

1 answer    8768 views
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