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I want to do pineapple farming in Iran

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Hi, I wanted to know which place in Iran is good for pineapple farming? Can I grow pineapples in shomal area or not? Any advice will be welcome. Thanks

Asked by: Jalal (1 point)   Posted:September 23, 2016

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A few breaking and cracking leaves.
Does my pineapple plant have a disease or am I over/under watering it? Help!

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I bought a pineapple plant last August and have had trouble finding good instructions on how to care for it. Over the past 2 months some of my pineapple plants leaves have starting developing white spots and slowly dying off. The undersides of the crowns leaves are also slightly brown, only in a...

Asked by: Erica Head (1 point)   Posted:February 22, 2017

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