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Established red raspberries

Raspberry    Pennsylvania

I have a 25 foot row of ever bearing raspberries and a row of summer bearing raspberries. The rows are parallel to one another, and about 5 feet apart. They were planted 6 years ago. Last year, I noticed the centers of the rows looking rather sparse. Now, it is clear that about one third of...

Asked by: Elizabeth (1 point)   Posted:March 14, 2015

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Best way to relocate established raspberry patch?


I have 6 established Latham raspberry plants that I unfortunately need to move due to another project I am undertaking in my garden. From what I can see early spring is the ideal time to do this, but how? Do I have to take the entire root ball or will I get away with a smaller amount. I dread...

Asked by: Krissie (1 point)   Posted:March 28, 2013

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How to control the spread of raspberry bushes?


I planted raspberry bushes in my small yard two years ago. This was my first experience with berry bushes and I didn't realize how incredibly rapidly they would take over. My garden was quickly overtaken last summer. As such, I tore out the bushes by the roots. Nonetheless, four more new...

Asked by: Miriam Stein (5 points)   Posted:May 1, 2013

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Raspberry plant not fruiting

Raspberry    None Given

I bought a raspberry plant two years ago and it has not fruited. Other than a lack of fruit it seems to be a happy plant. Why would it not fruit?

Asked by: Molly (1 point)   Posted:February 8, 2013

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Best way to trellis raspberries?

Raspberry    NJ

I would like to plant two varieties of raspberry in my yard, a summer fruiting variety and an autumn fruiting variety. Is there a trellis system that works best for raspberry? I have a fairly large back yard and I know roughly where I would like to plant, I just don't know how to design the...

Asked by: Beth Johnson (2 points)   Posted:February 15, 2013

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Timing of planting potted raspberries


I just acquired a few raspberry canes from a friend who had them potted and I’m not too sure what to do with them at this time of year. Should I plant them now? I believe that they are summer fruiting although she was unsure what variety. Thank you in advance for your help.

Asked by: Steve (1 point)   Posted:February 1, 2013

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Discoloured fruit of my raspberries
Raspberry discolouration

Raspberry    Mallorca

I have been growing raspberries and other soft fruits for many years in Rhodesia and UK but now being in Mallorca, my raspberries have a strange discolouration on the fruit (see attached photo). They are grown in full sun and are irrigated gently daily for at least an hour. The soil dries...

Asked by: Brian Gatcombe (1 point)   Posted:July 26, 2015

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Hey..Can someone help me..What is the problem with this plant?Lack of something or disease??
Problem with leaves of raspberries

Raspberry    None Given

I think the problem is with lack of some of chemical elements...

Asked by: Martin Donev (1 point)   Posted:October 13, 2016

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Raspberries produce no blossoms

Raspberry    None Given

For the last two years our raspberry plants have produced very few blossoms or fruit and have turned yellow about mid-July. Is this a disease? A nutrient deficiency?

Asked by: Mary Myers (1 point)   Posted:August 25, 2013

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