Wiling foliage - heeeeelp!!!
Wilted rosemary plant

Rosemary    Pennsylvania, USA

I transplanted an established rosemary bush to a new location in the garden several days ago and despite taking care to keep it well watered each day it is wilting badly. The position I moved it from was situated too closely to another plant and both were struggling. When I dug down into the soil...

Asked by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points)   Posted:August 16, 2013

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Browning at the tip
Rosemary disease

Rosemary    None Given

I hope someone can help me. My rosemary is planted (4 weeks ago) in rectangular pot along with a spring onion, the spring onion is fine (no disease). I usually water them when soil is dry and they are in full sun. The leaves of rosemary has turned yellow at mid leave and brown at tip from past...

Asked by: Mohd Hazayri Jamaluddin (1 point)   Posted:October 5, 2016

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How to take cuttings from rosemary?

Rosemary    Pennsylvania, USA

I ask because not only am I scared that I may be killing a plant I recently transplanted and would really like to save it but also because I think that this is something lots of others may like to know and reference in the future. So, how do I take a good cutting from an established plant and get...

Asked by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points)   Posted:August 20, 2013

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Rosemary diseases and pests, farming method

Rosemary    Kathmandu, Nepal

I'd like to know about the diseases and pests on rosemary plants which can destroy the plant. I also like to know about the cure of these diseases and pests. I have been farming rosemary since four years. I like to know the different methods of rosemary farming . What is the proper time of...

Asked by: Rahul Gopali (2 points)   Posted:November 4, 2015

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Rosemary down part of leaf
Rosemary diseases on leaf after cutting

Rosemary    Italy

Good evening, sometimes we have a problem in some of our rosemary plant, cultivated in pot. We are in Italy, Province of Livorno, and in september, after our cutting operation, leaf of the low part of plant became ill and look like in the photos I have just posted. We have a doubt: is this...

Asked by: Alessandro Caroti (1 point)   Posted:November 20, 2017

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Rue and rosemary growing too close together
How to transplant rosemary?

Rosemary    Pennsylvania, USA

My husband and I are in the process of completely re-doing my Mother-in-law's back garden (reseeding the lawn, inserting new beds etc) and I have a question about a rosemary bush she currently has planted (see pic). The two plants (common rue on the left and rosemary on the right) were choked by...

Asked by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points)   Posted:July 29, 2013

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