6th day after germination.
Precisely when to thin down sunflowers after first true leaves?

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

My Velvet Queen journal can be viewed at: https://www.plantvillage.com/gardens/193?locale=en I started velvet queen seeds and today is the sixth day after germination. The photo below is from today. When exactly should I snip off the two plants to thin down? I know its when the first true...

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One of the sunflowers started drooping today, missed watering.

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

I couldn't water the plants today in the usual afternoon time. I decided I wouldn't be a problem as I've watered in the evening on the missed days. But today i found of the sunflowers drooping. The taller plant is fine but the shorter one is drooping from the top. I tried bending it up to check...

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6th day.
Which sunflower seedlings should I thin?

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

My Velvet Queen journal can be viewed at: https://www.plantvillage.com/gardens/193?locale=en I planted 5 velvet queen seeds into my usual sunflower pot with new soil. This is the photo below from today, fourth day after germination. I planted 5 seeds in an equally spaced circle but I want to...

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Compost 2: 6 months old, black and earthy smelling prepared compost from fruit scraps, shredded cardboard, newspaper and dried leaves.
New leaves in center of sunflowers are yellow

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

Sunflower type: Velvet Queen My Plant Journal: https://www.plantvillage.com/gardens/193?locale=en This will be a little long to read so please have patience. I have been growing these velvet queen sunflowers from seeds but yesterday I noticed that the centers of the plants are are a bit...

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How healthy they used to look
Hydrangea wilted

Sunflower    Philippines

Clipped some flowers from potted hydrangeas then sprayed some homemade pesticide. (Made of canola oil, water and baking soda bec I saw a large black ant) few mins later blooms wilted. Two days later they still look this way. Help!

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What to plant next to sunflower

Sunflower    SA

I have some sunflower plants growing in my garden and I have a bit of space left I would like to plant on. Can anybody recommend something I can plant beside them? I'm in Cape Town South Africa.

Asked by: Susan D (4 points)   Posted:February 1, 2013

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Wilting and discoloration of sunflower leaves

Sunflower    None Given

I have 3 sunflower plants that have been doing great, but I just noticed that all of my plants have brown edges on their leaves and that they've begun to wilt. It seems to have started with the bottom leaves, as the new ones have died and been unable to grow and the top leaves seem unaffected. I...

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Update 13-9-15: It bloomed out just fine! Look at that beauty.
Different sunflower head formation on two plants.

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

My Plant Journal: https://www.plantvillage.com/gardens/193 The velvet queens I have been growing have started developing the main flower heads along with many multiple ones along the side. Both are equal heights now even though they have germination difference of a day. One thing that I am...

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4. Back.  Another example of translucent brittle material. It is not cottony. It appears as if something ate the plant flesh from the inside and left the outer membrane to dry
Sunflower leaf yellow/brown spots/puckered. Need help

Sunflower    None Given

These are mammoth sunflowers. About six weeks old. One and a half feet tall. I was hoping to have beautiful flowers for the summer and harvest the seeds in the end. Now I'm not sure I'll make it there. I don't know if this is disease or pest or both. Can someone please help I am very new to...

Asked by: Missi (3 points)   Posted:May 6, 2017

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seeds in the sunflower heads
When to start saving seeds from the sunflowers?

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

I can see the seeds now that much of the disk florets have fallen, I saw many fallen on the floor today, before I was wondering where the florets were disappearing. There are more photos of the recent activity in my plant journal [http://bit.ly/1qAn1Vi] related to this post. I have two...

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Sunflower photo for pot size estimation.
Does my sunflower need repotted?

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

I planted the sunflower seeds on August 15, 2014, two of them germinated. I initially grew them in a paper cup and moved to this clay pot shown in the photo. This is my first time growing sunflower or any plant and I got the seeds for edible purposes from a nature and health store thinking with...

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Safety of Mold on Sunflowers

Sunflower    None Given

I am a teacher and I have 6 sunflower heads that I cut and dried, hoping to explore with the children in my class. Unfortunately, all of them developed mold (feathery white with some dark spots) on the back. Is it safe to pick out the seeds, not to eat, but to use for the purpose of counting and...

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the lawn at which to replant eventually
Sunflowers Concerns: Current pot sizes and future home, the lawn

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

I started my first sunflower last August with seeds in a paper cup that thrived pretty well and I changed the pots 2 times (I have documented this in my plant journal). A couple of weeks ago I started new seeds in the paper towel method and moved them to paper cups. But after watching many...

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Sunflower cotyledons perished away.
Sunflower cotyledons turning yellow

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

Why have the two lowest leaves turned yellow first and perished away on both the sunflower plants? The third weed plant that was growing also has leaves turning yellow now. What could the cause be?

Asked by: Naveed (6 points)   Posted:September 17, 2014

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How can I keep squirrels, chipmunks, birds etc. away from sunflowers?

Sunflower    Pennsylvania, USA

I absolutely love sunflowers and am planning to try growing them on the part of my balcony that gets most sun. I tried this last year and the squirrels ate my seedlings soon after they emerged. How can I protect them as they grow so that I have the best chance of enjoying those beautiful flowers...

Asked by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points)   Posted:April 6, 2013

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Fungus on Sunflower plant
Fungus found on leaves of sunflower plant.

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

This is the same sunflower plant as the one I have been posting several questions about here and gotten great response. Here's another one. The plant was sown August 15 and is one of the two that germinated as documented in my plant journal and today I noticed on the smaller plant, under the...

Asked by: Naveed (6 points)   Posted:October 5, 2014

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back of the oldest head
Drastic change in Black Oil Sunflower. Is it dying?

Sunflower    None Given

Hi, newbie here. I have a volunteer Black Oil Sunflower that was doing great with lots of blooms for the first time ever. They usually get eaten but this year I tried my version of a scarecrow and it took off. It looked fine but over the last few days it's gotten worse. Now it looks like...

Asked by: Laurel Fee (2 points)   Posted:May 16, 2016

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Sunflower w/ yellowing leaves

Sunflower    Singapore

Hi. I hope someone can help because I'm really worried for my sunflowers (4). Few days ago the older leaves closer to the bottom have been yellowing one by one. Yesterday I just transplanted them since that was the plan when the materials arrived. Today an increasing rate of leaves...

Asked by: Lisa Goh (1 point)   Posted:June 6, 2020

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Bottom side of leaf
Mottled yellow leaves on sunflower


I have a question about my sunflower plant. The leaves have developed mottled yellow patches and I can't figure out what is causing it. All the leaves on the plant are affected and the discoloration goes right through the leaf to the bottom side. I can't find any insects on the plant and it is...

Asked by: Em (2 points)   Posted:July 17, 2013

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Is it good to prune sunflower lower leaves or it is bad?

Sunflower    None Given

Pruning all leaves except the few ones on top, because to not make more shade to other plants

Asked by: Issah (1 point)   Posted:May 30, 2017

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Sunflower plant, 30.9.14
Should I remove yellowing lower leaves on my sunflower plant?

Sunflower    Karachi, Pakistan

The lower leaves on my sunflower plant turned yellow and crisping a couple of weeks ago or so and I believe that the plant is trying to keep them alive. I wanted to ask if it would be a good idea to snip off the ones as I read that the plant tries to keep the leaves alive by using more effort.

Asked by: Naveed (6 points)   Posted:September 30, 2014

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