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Disease of Yam

Yams    Nigeria

Where can I find a database of Yam leaf disease?

Asked by: Terngu Tingir (1 point)   Posted:October 1, 2019

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ube also known as a purple yam or Dioscorea alata

Yams    Philippines

Something is eating the leave on my ube. I see pea-sized waste material around the plant but I have not seen any insects yet. I have checked several times during the day and at 8 pm but have found nothing.

Asked by: Doug (1 point)   Posted:September 27, 2018

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Elephant foot yam Leaves drying
Elephant foot yam Leaves drying

Yams    Kerala, India

Myself have planted few elephant foot yam plants. Many of them shows a sort of leaf rot / drying. Photographs of the same attached for your perusal. I would like to have your advice on the same along with the remedial measures I shall undertake to avoid the spread of the disease and save my...

Asked by: Renjith (3 points)   Posted:July 29, 2015

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spider mites

Yams    Hawaii

spider mites and centipede problem, what can i use?

Asked by: Nina (1 point)   Posted:April 8, 2020

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Root vegetable from Colocasia esculenta
disease in Colocasia esculenta

Yams    Guatemala

I found some plants with the same disease. The soil is dry near by a little body of water. Around those plants there are a few lemon and orange trees. Can anybody Id this disease please? Thanks, - Erick

Asked by: Erick (1 point)   Posted:December 13, 2017

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