Why is starfruit tree no longer producing fruit?

Starfruit (Carambola)    jupiter,florida,33458

planted a grafted starfruit tree september 2013, had lots of small fruit, but now is bare of fruit and has no leaves, tree is still alive, but looks very unhealthy to me, what can i do?

Posted by: jeff (1 point) jeff
Posted: December 1, 2013

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
Any possibility of uploading some pictures of the tree? Also, where are located - this helps pinpoint possible causes
almost 7 years ago.


The tree probably underwent some transplant shock. We had a similar situation with one I planted in someone's yard.

Here's my recommendation: make sure there's a good open ring of bare ground around the base of the tree - say 3' out from the trunk on all sides. Keep it watered every three days or so if there isn't rain. And when I say watered - I mean soaked! If you have to make a basin around it with dirt, do that. You can also let the hose trickle at its base for a few hours - that helps.

They'll drop their fruit under stress - don't worry about that. You really don't want it fruiting the first year anyhow. The fruit takes away from root development. At this time of year, the tree is likely borderline dormant, depending on your location. Cool nights keep them from growing much.

If you can make a nice compost tea to feed it, do that every few weeks, drenching the root zone. Urine diluted with ten parts water to one part pee also works really well.

The tree we planted got over its transplant shock and took off a year later. It's now tall, healthy and bearing fruit.

Good luck!

Posted by: David Goodman (67 points) David Goodman
Posted: December 4, 2013

jeff commented,
thank you!, i will try that, also maybe some iron granulars will help, that works great on my hibiscus and palm trees.
almost 7 years ago.

David is probably right.......transplant shock. Since you are in Jupiter, Florida, this publication by the University of Florida may help you take care of your starfruit. There is a month to month calendar on what to do to keep your fruit healthy. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/mg269

Posted by: Susan League, UF/IFAS Sumter Program Assistant (1 point) Susan League, UF/IFAS Sumter Program Assistant
Posted: December 4, 2013

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