How can I keep squirrels, chipmunks, birds etc. away from sunflowers?

Sunflower    Pennsylvania, USA

I absolutely love sunflowers and am planning to try growing them on the part of my balcony that gets most sun. I tried this last year and the squirrels ate my seedlings soon after they emerged. How can I protect them as they grow so that I have the best chance of enjoying those beautiful flowers and harvesting the seeds?

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (4 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: April 6, 2013


I have pretty good luck using moth balls. I put 3-4 balls in an old sock and hang them about 2 feet off the ground, every 4 feet around the garden bed. Good for most pests, including deer, rabbits and curious sheep dogs :)

Posted by: J.D. Archer (31 points) J.D. Archer
Posted: April 7, 2013

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
Ha! Interesting. Could try this too. Having visions of deer on my balcony.... But if it will work for squirrels and chipmunks then great! Thanks!
over 10 years ago.

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