Greenhouse tomato are infected systemically. What is the pathogen?

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Black spots in the bottom of leaves turn into necrosis, stem necrotic lesions spread along veins to fruits and cause fruit necrosis and soft rot. Disease is fast-spreading. Samples of plants are under analysis, but maybe, somebody has met the disease before???

Posted by: alex ignatov (33 points) alex ignatov
Posted: August 9, 2016

Andreas commented,
I have got no clue. But it looks very interesting. Could you please let me know what kind of disease infected your tomato, after the analyse?
about 4 years ago.

alex ignatov commented,
ok, as soon as we isolate to pathogen. Dickeya is suspected so far.
about 4 years ago.


It looks like Botrytis cinerea grey mold. It could be treated with Thiophenate methyl. Is the softness starting at the calyx end?

Posted by: Mohamad Safieddine (1 point) Mohamad Safieddine
Posted: September 20, 2016

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