Is it possible that I have female flowers only?

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I was reading this thread https://www.plantvillage.com/posts/90... regarding healthy cucumber plants with lots of flowers but no cucumbers. The reply was that plants produce male flowers first, then female flowers - with a picture to show both. And once the female flowers show up, pollination etc. begins. Well it seems my plants only have female flowers.

I am trying organic seeds this year and the plants are large and healthy and covered in flowers - all seemingly female. Is this possible? What am I to do to get cucumbers?

the variety is from Seeds of Change, called "Marketmore" cucumber, certified organic. I emptied the rest of the pack and they were all the same colour.

Posted by: Dianne (1 point) Dianne
Posted: August 6, 2013

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
Would it be possible to upload some pictures of the flowers Dianne?
over 7 years ago.

Tanya in the Garden commented,
What is the name of the variety?
over 7 years ago.

acuna_matata commented,
I have 2 Marketmore plants from Seeds of Change in the garden and I have so much cucumbers I don't know what to do with them! You can also attract more pollinators by adding a few flowers here and there. Don't give up on organic plants :)
over 7 years ago.


It is possible to get female-only flowers, especially if you have a gynecious (female only) variety. These varieties are popular because they yield large numbers of fruit. The seed packet usually includes a small percentage of a second type of cucumber seed (sometimes dyed another color) that will act as a pollinator. There are also parthenocarpic varieties (don't need pollination) that are gynceious, such as 'Diva' from Johnny's Selected Seed.

This response was added after photos were posted. The variety Marketmore should produce both male and female flowers. The two photos show male flowers only. Female flowers have a small but noticeable cucumber at the base of the flower. If you type 'cucumber flower' into Google and search images, there should be plenty of examples. Some time has elapsed since the original post and hopefully by now you are harvesting plenty of cukes.

Posted by: Charlie B. (2 points) Charlie B.
Posted: August 6, 2013

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