Brown spots and holes on leaves on my mint and basil plants

Mint    United States

Hello, I bought and planted some herbs in pots that I keep on my porch about 2 weeks ago. I am starting to see holes and brown spots on all of my plants: peppermint, spearmint, and basil. I have looked up a lot of information and pictures about what potentially might be causing the issue, but...

Asked by: Monica (1 point)   Posted:May 19, 2015

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Spider Mites - Can Use Plant?

Mint    Boyertown, PA

I have a very irritating infestation of spider mites. I had started my mint varieties indoors early spring before planting outside. In my plant room I had a spider mite explosion and moved many plants affected outside, bathing sensitive plants in the tub. I also had a problem with fungus gnats,...

Asked by: Ashleigh (1 point)   Posted:July 12, 2016

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Mint seeds?
Could these be mint seeds?


I was given a lot of different seeds last year and I stupidly did not label them. I have a feeling that these are mint seeds - can anyone confirm this ID? If not mint, then what else could they be? I feel very silly, I may just have to plant them and see what happens!

Asked by: Susan Davis (1 point)   Posted:April 17, 2013

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Image4 of yellow disease on mint
Diagnosis of yellow eggs/disease on mint

Mint    None Given

This year my mint has become infected with a yellow disease. It could be rust but the leaves and stems are very noticeably deformed - much more so than any pictures I have seen of rust infection. Please can you confirm what it is and suggest the best remedy?

Asked by: Rachel (1 point)   Posted:May 5, 2017

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Odd white growth on mint

Mint    lohrville iowa

I found these strange white spots on my mint plants, are they harmful or removable or neutral?

Asked by: noah (1 point)   Posted:May 14, 2015

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Mint with white spots on leaves

Mint    Geneva, Switzerland

My mint starts to be full of clear spots on its leaves. Is this a disease or a nutrient deficiency? I have some thyme nearby with the same symptoms.

Asked by: deactivated (6 points)   Posted:July 23, 2016

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Once very healthy peppermint plant dying quickly - pests or disease?

Mint    None Given

A month ago my peppermint was vibrant green, prolific with no problems. Now it is almost gone and I have no idea what is causing it. The leaves have pale small spots on them, which seemed liked spider mite damage at first (lost marigolds to them this season), but I've carefully inspected the...

Asked by: kealie (1 point)   Posted:August 30, 2017

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My mint is dying

Mint    None Given

I can not see any insects on my mint plant. One died in just a few days. Now a second plant looks like it's starting down the same road.

Asked by: judy (1 point)   Posted:May 15, 2016

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The pot with division I created with tiles and placed a bottle for size idea.
Growing mint with gomphrena amaranth.

Mint    Karachi, Pakistan

I have this large pot and I got this idea of growing spearmint (podina) with the gomphrena seeds that I have. I got gomphrena from the seed store after I asked what can I plant right now that will give me flowers and soon. I have divided the pots with some unused pieces of ceramic tiles but its...

Asked by: Naveed (6 points)   Posted:May 20, 2016

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Mint plant fungus?

Mint    None Given

I have no luck with plants: the ones I keep outside, on the balcony, always get aphides; the ones that I keep inside, in my room, alwasy develop this form of spots on the leafs and then slowly die. My only solace is that I can grow cactus without a problem:-)!!! Usually fungus are circular (and...

Asked by: Alessia Versini Crepaz (1 point)   Posted:May 18, 2016

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what are diseases of mint and how to cure them?

Mint    None Given

What are the diseases of mint and how to cure them? I have catnip with leaves curling up .

Asked by: Leon Seidman (1 point)   Posted:June 9, 2017

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close up of mint leaf with white spots
White spots and dead leaves on my mint

Mint    brooklyn, ny

I have white spots and dead leaves on my mint. I've sprayed with organic insecticide and funguscide and no difference. Any idea what it is? Any help will be greatly appreaciated. I've looked online and can't seem to find an answer. Hopefully my attachment will work

Asked by: michele (1 point)   Posted:August 10, 2014

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Can't grow Mint

Mint    Barbados [ caribbean ]

Just that I cannot get Mint to grow, I am trying to grow in a 6" PVC pipe. the first set I planted I know the soil was suspect so I changed it out, I put coconut fiber & leaves in the bottom then filled with organic compost, potting mix and perlite, the plugs started fine but after a few...

Asked by: Alfred Hunte (1 point)   Posted:September 25, 2016

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mint leaf
Mint nutrient deficiency in aquaponics system

Mint    Norway

I have a number of plants: Mint, Basil and Lettuce growing in an aquaponics setup, where the bottom of the roots have access to water from a fish tank. They definitely look like they are suffering some deficiency but I'm not sure what. The closest I have found is maybe potassium...

Asked by: Best (1 point)   Posted:September 18, 2017

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How to stop Black Peppermint foliage from turning green

Mint    None Given

I bought a Black Peppermint plant a few weeks ago. It's very healthy but all the new growth is green rather than the purple-black foliage it had originally. Does anybody know how to retain the darker leaves?

Asked by: James Edwards (1 point)   Posted:June 17, 2016

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