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Joseph Khaleke is a PlantVillage farmer from Kitale County Kesogon village whose goal is to be able to have a sustaining and well balanced food source from his farm by 2021. Joseph grows varieties of crops including different fruits. Currently, his farm has bananas, millet, passion fruits and sweet potatoes propagated for commercial purposes.

Joseph yields have increased from accessing Free farming knowledge from PlantVillage. He now...Read more


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Bee farming is a profitable venture of keeping bees for productive purpose. Charles Sioka is an established bee keeper in Samia region Busia County. He sells pure honey and value added product like body creams. Charles has his own brand of body cream called Baselines body cream produced from bee wax, and other additives like honey and aloe Vera. If you want to start bee keeping,this is what you need to know.

What is the Cost of starting bee...Read more


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Striga also known as witchweed is a parasitic weeds that affect cereal crops in many parts of Africa, reducing production to a complete loss of the crop. The most affected crops are maize, sorghum, rice and sugarcane. Striga weed puts its root onto the roots of maize or sorghum plant thus taking the food the maize or sorghum crop is trying to get from the soil. Each striga plant produce up to 20,000-50,000 seeds, which lie dormant in the soil until...Read more


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In Western Kenya 83% of farmers engaged with PlantVillage are women. Alice Otwane from Kamarinyang in Busia County is a small holder farmer planting Maize, sweet potatoes, cassava, banana, groundnuts, vegetables for both commercial and subsistence purposes.

As a parent, she practices agriculture to provide food and income for her family. Alice attributes her constant source of food to cassava crops because of their potential to manage multiple risks such...Read more


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Conditions for Onion Farming

Onions perform well in well drained, fertile, sandy loam, non-compacted soils. The ideal pH is 5.8 to 6.8. Soil test with accredited laboratories is important.

The ideal temperatures onions need to grow are between 13 – 35 degrees centigrade. This means that onions can grow in most parts of Kenya. Onions are a cool season crop. Most areas in Ukambani and the Coastal region are extremely dry. 1 kg of seedlings can be used in 1 acre while 20...Read more


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Sylvester Ouma is a farmer with PlantVillage from Bwiri location, Samia Sub County, Namuduru Sub Location, Ganga area. He is the local chief and the owner of one of the three aggregation centers in Busia County. The rest are in Teso North and Teso South.

This aggregation center was established in 2018 as a result of high demand from cassava farmers requesting cassava processing.

Sylvester acquired his processing machine from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)...Read more

Successful Behaviour Change Story of Amos Ejakati

Posted on June 10, 2020 by PlantVillage

Amos Ejakati is a farmer with PlantVillage Nuru from Amagoro, Keng’atunyi Sub Location, Malaba South Ward in Busia County. He plants different crops like maize, banana, sweat potato and cassava.

Amos is devoted in ensuring the community within embrace change in their Cassava farming.

His Cassava farming has progressed ever since he learnt more about cassava and its pest and diseases from PlantVillage. He plants Mygeria and MK94 variety.

...Read more

Hilda Murunga is a cassava seed entrepreneur in Busia County. Her cassava cuttings business has experienced increase in profits which she attributes her success to PlantVillage Nuru. She sells cassava variety mm96 6966.

This is what she had to say,

''I use PlantVillage Nuru app on my farm to scout my cassava plant. When I scan the cassava leaves, it shows the disease affecting my crop.

When the app detects cassava viral...Read more


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Stages in post-harvest handling of common beans

Drying. Dry the common beans before threshing them. Thresh them before they properly dry results in damage on pods. Dry the pods on raised platforms, plastic, mat to avoid contact with moisture and other impurities.

It is advisable to do the threshing when the moisture level is 14-15%, If the seeds are too dry, the pods can be easily damaged during threshing, thresh the pods manually by beating with a...Read more


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Nipande mihogo bora sio bora nipande mihogo


Joyce Apam from Busia County, Kenya is one happy farmer experiencing positive changes in her maize field after following the advice from PlantVillage. 

When did you join PlantVillage?

I joined 2018 when PlantVillage was introduced in Busia County.

What advice do you get from PlantVillage?

PlantVillage gives weather updates. They also respond to questions asked through their...Read more


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PlantVillage empowers small holder farmers by availing free Agriculture knowledge through mobile phones and farm visits.

Patrick Osangir, a PlantVillage farmer in Busia County, Teso North sub County, Angurai south ward has access to knowledge that help him grow more food.

What do you grow in your farm?

I plant mainly maize and cassava. I also plant tomatoes, bananas, beans, groundnuts and kales. Farming is a source of income that I use to pay bills such as...Read more


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Desert locust are the most destructive migratory pest that ravages crops and threatens food security. A small swarm of locust consume the equivalent of food for 3500 people in just one day.

Currently, the horn of Africa is suffering its worst desert locust outbreak in decades. A second much larger wave of locusts is causing destruction on vast scale. The second generation breads to produce younger and more aggressive swarms that requires urgent control...Read more


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Digital connectivity is vital in maintaining relations especially now with Covid_19 pandemic. PlantVillage has enforced work at home policy by operating virtually through mobile technologies. There is regular updates between staffs located in different countries via constant zoom call meetings. Also, the Dream team members’ makes regular phone calls to farmers to advise them on various agricultural aspects and how to use our mobile phone...Read more


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Help flatten the curve by playing your part in the farm

Governments have issued directives urging people to stay at home and work from home to minimize spread of the Covid-19. The virus has affected the daily households operations including smallholder farmers. With planting season in play and farmers outsourcing farm workers to prepare the land or conduct other farming activities, it’s important for farmers to help with flattening the Covid-19 curve....Read more


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PlantVillage SMS program to Target Kenyan Farmers

PlantVillage SMS program is a free to use mobile platform offering small holder farmers access to free pool of information.

The SMS program has grown exponentially since January 3rd, 2020 when the SMS service was officially launched and operational in Kenya. The SMS platform has provided thousands of farmers across different counties in Kenya an opportunity to register and get information on the best farm...Read more

PlantVillage is the frontline tool for the United Nations as it tackles locusts across East Africa which the United Nations considers a humanitarian issue affecting 19 million people. We also work for the UN on their global fall armyworm platform which is another pest insect causing losses of food  from  West Africa to China.  PlantVillage operates via apps that run AI tools inside the...Read more

Successful stories of cassava farmers in Busia County

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Josephine Arisat Earns from her Cassava Farming


Josephine Arisat from Asing’e location in Busia County has been growing Cassava since 1995. With climatic change and its consequences; root and tuber crops provides a suitable choice to her as they exhibit higher tolerance threshold to stress such as water and heat.

“Initially, I was planting Cassava for subsistence purpose in a two acre...Read more

Technologies Learned From ICIPE Visit

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Technologies to curb Fall Armyworm in Kenya

Kenya has always relied on maize production for it’s domestic as well as exports need. However, constraints such as drought, pests, and diseases have hindered this. The invasion of Fall Armyworm in Kenya has made an already bad situation worse.

Digital tools such as PlantVillage have put tremendous efforts in identifying the diseases and pest problems. PlantVillage Nuru is an offline Artificial Intelligence...Read more

Dream Team Visit to ICIPE

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The international Centre for insect physiology and ecology (ICIPE) was established in 1970 in direct response to the need for alternative and environmentally friendly pest and vector management strategies. ICIPE has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya and is mandated to conduct research and develop methods that are effective, selective, non-polluting, non-resistance inducing and which are affordable to resource-limited rural and...Read more

Locust swarms

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As you no doubt have seen East Africa is threatened by massive locusts swarms. In Kenya, they are the worse people have seen in 75 years. They threaten the livelihood of 19 million people according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation. 


After the last locust upsurge in 2003–2005, FAO developed a tool to enable national locust officers in frontline countries from West Africa to India to record observations in the field and transmit the data...Read more

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