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How do I collect and save the seeds from my habanero pepper plant?

Chilli Pepper    MI

I would like to try and grow some more habanero plants from my existing one which has been very productive. Could somebody tell me the best way to do this?

Asked by: Abby ( points)   Posted:April 16, 2013

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Ants in Lemon Tree

General    None Given

My lemon tree is being attacked by little black ants. They seem endless and I'm worried they may spread through my garden. I read about a few methods of getting rid of them: boiling water , vinegar, cornmeal, and baking soda. Which one is most effective and least harmful to my tree? It is...

Asked by: reem ( points)   Posted:April 13, 2014

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Female Cucumber Flower
Cucumbers - How Long From Female Flower to Fruit.

Cucumber    None Given

How long does it take a female cucumber flower to start growing, and then produce a full/mature cucumber after pollinated? (The specific varieties that I have are "Burpee Sweet Burpless Hybrid" and "muncher", but information on other varieties would be helpful).

Asked by: Deuce22oz ( points)   Posted:July 10, 2016

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Avocado seeds turning black

Avocado    None Given

My avocados are exported from the US. They are very delicious so I decided to plant my own trees. I used the toothpick in water cup method indoors and put them next to a sunny window. A few days down the road they started to turn black and wrinkled but still sprouted. What is this black color?...

Asked by: reem ( points)   Posted:April 9, 2014

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Advice on strawberry farming and marketing in Kenya

Strawberry    None Given

hey, i am about to venture into strawberry farming in Kenya. Is there available markets out how an i get contacts Leah

Asked by: leah ( points)   Posted:October 10, 2013

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bottle Gourd fruits not produce

Gourd    Guntur

I am from India, I planted some bottle gourds in my home garden past 3 months. Water is supplied regularly. Flowers are growing and small fruits are growing. There is no pests are there, leafs are good condition. But Fruits are not grows big size. fruits are destroys in small size after flower....

Asked by: Satyanarayana ( points)   Posted:January 24, 2016

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Plant before the transplant operation
Wilted rosemary plant

Rosemary    Pennsylvania, USA

I transplanted an established rosemary bush to a new location in the garden several days ago and despite taking care to keep it well watered each day it is wilting badly. The position I moved it from was situated too closely to another plant and both were struggling. When I dug down into the soil...

Asked by: Lindsay McMenemy ( points)   Posted:August 16, 2013

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How to remove apple tree suckers

Apple    ND

Our apple tree is producing extensive suckers and I’m worried about cutting them as I have been told that this will just make the tree produce even more of them. Any advice as to what is best to do here?

Asked by: Jack Wilson ( points)   Posted:March 6, 2013

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Ants in a potato box

Potato    None Given

How do you get fire ants out of your raised bed?! I went on vacation and came back to a giant mound of ants in my potato box, obviously i don't want to spray anything toxic as they have made their home above my potatoes! Also do they cause any harm to the tubers or are they ok to eat after...

Asked by: Mark ( points)   Posted:June 4, 2013

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How can I tell determinate and indeterminate tomatoes apart?

Tomato    FL

I have been trying to help my sister with the tomato seeds she planted and when I asked if they were determinate or indeterminate she looked at me like I just grew another head. Of course she has lost the packet and has no idea what kind of seeds she bought. My question is will I have to wait for...

Asked by: Denice Williams ( points)   Posted:February 22, 2013

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Avocado sucker?
Training a young avocado plant in container

Avocado    Pennsylvania, USA

My avocado plant that I grew from a seed seems to be doing really well (thanks to all on PlantVillage who helped me to grow it). I have re-potted it into a large clay pot and it is outside on the porch to soak up the summer sun. The plant is growing rapidly and in addition to what I believe is a...

Asked by: Lindsay McMenemy ( points)   Posted:August 9, 2013

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How do bush cucumbers compare with vining varieties?

Cucumber    USA

I am interested in trying out some bush cucumber varieties this year, would anybody be able to comment on the pros and cons compared with a regular vining variety, particularly for burpless cucumbers. They look like a good way to save space but I do not want to compromise on yield. Many thanks in...

Asked by: Maggie Muffins ( points)   Posted:March 27, 2013

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How do I ripen green tomatoes before cold weather?

Tomato    None Given

I would like to know what is the best thing to do with tomatoes that are still on the plant which have not ripened. I have several plants which still have fruit but I am worried about the weather turning colder and potentially killing them before they have a chance to ripen. Can I move the plants...

Asked by: Yvonne ( points)   Posted:October 18, 2013

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Is it usual for potting soil to smell rotten?

General    PA

I have been out buying some gardening supplies today to get started growing some seeds and I bought a bag of Scott's potting soil. When I opened it up it smelled terrible, I don't even know how to describe it. It smelled rotten. There was definitely something like manure but it wasn't the...

Asked by: Karen Miller ( points)   Posted:March 16, 2013

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What yield of onions can I expect from one acre

Onion    Tanzania

How many tons of onions I can harvest in one acre of onions

Asked by: MIGUEL ANNAN ( points)   Posted:February 13, 2015

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Rhubarb plant flowering
How to cut off Rhubarb flower?

Rhubarb    Lausanne, Switzerland

My Rhubarb plant is producing a flower, which I understand should be cut off immediately so that the plant will not put any more energy into it, rather than the leaves. Is it enough to just cut off the the flower, or would it be better to remove pretty much the entire stalk?

Asked by: deactivated ( points)   Posted:May 5, 2013

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Edges of mango leaves turning brown and dry

Mango    None Given

I have a very healthy mango but it has never flowered or fruited. It only develops new leaves but once they grow they turn brown and dry on the edges. There are no pests or anything but the leaves still turn brown. Its is outdoors, in a huge barrel container and has never been fertilized. Whats...

Asked by: reem ( points)   Posted:February 13, 2015

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Best method of protecting plants from late frosts?

General    UK

Always like to be prepared, I live in Scotland and the weather can be quite unpredictable and it wouldn't be the first time I have been caught out with a frost and lost my young plants. I haven't planted anything outside yet but I wondered what people's thoughts were on different types of...

Asked by: Robyn ( points)   Posted:April 10, 2013

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Why did my seeds not grow?


Ok so I have been trying to to do the whole grow your own thing but I just can’t get anything to sprout. I gave up last year after spending too much money on seeds and supplies only to have nothing happen. I don’t know if there is any point trying again this year. All my seeds were in trays in...

Asked by: Susan Davis ( points)   Posted:February 21, 2013

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How should I care for my strawberries in Spring?

Strawberry    NJ

My strawberry plants (like the rest of the garden) are in need of sprucing up this Spring. What should I be doing to get them back to their best? Should I prune the dead leaves? Also is it best to remove runners as they are produced to concentrate the plant's energy back to fruit production or...

Asked by: Beth Johnson ( points)   Posted:April 5, 2013

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Can I grow potatoes over summer?

Potato    MD

From what (very) little I know about vegetable gardening they seem to be harvested in winter. I would love some home grown potatoes over summer to make potato salads and things. Can I plant them for harvest over summer? If so how is it done?

Asked by: Mel ( points)   Posted:April 8, 2013

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leaf spots
Leaf spot in secondary Oil palm nursery

Oil palm    Eluru,Andhra pradesh,India

My name is nagaraju and I am from Andhra Pradesh, India. I have some leaf spots on the oil palm in our nursery and I want to know what it is. Please help me find out the cause and tell me how to prevent this disease

Asked by: nagaraju a ( points)   Posted:April 6, 2014

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Growing avocado from seed

Avocado    South Carolina

Has anybody ever managed to successfully grow an avocado tree from the seed of a store bought one. I have a seed that I have saved from an avocado I had last week. If I plant it will it grow into a tree and if so how do I do it... I’d love to try...

Asked by: Simon ( points)   Posted:February 3, 2013

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What edibles can I grow in the shade?

General    San Jose, CA

A good portion of my backyard is shady - probably only around 3-4 hours of sun per day due to tree cover, however I'd still like to try and grow something edible there to maximize my production. What plants will still produce something edible in this much shade?

Asked by: Amie Frisch ( points)   Posted:February 13, 2013

6 answers    8500 views

Leaf with black mold(?)
Guava fruits turning black and shriveling

Guava    Puerto Rico

My tree is a little over than a year old and it's a product of grafting. I planted it on March of last year and it bore fruit for the first time on or near October. It was just a couple of fruit, but they were delicious. Now the tree is full of fruit but there are two problems: 1. Before they...

Asked by: Carolene ( points)   Posted:October 7, 2014

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Green Caterpillars eating my Brussel Sprouts

Brussels sprouts    None Given

Need help. Can't keep up with these green caterpillars eating my Brussel Sprouts. Must of picked over 25 last night. Any suggestions? Thanks

Asked by: Kimberly Munn ( points)   Posted:July 11, 2016

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Is it possible that I have female flowers only?

Cucumber    None Given

I was reading this thread regarding healthy cucumber plants with lots of flowers but no cucumbers. The reply was that plants produce male flowers first, then female flowers - with a picture to show both. And...

Asked by: Dianne ( points)   Posted:August 6, 2013

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Wrinkled tomato skin

Tomato    None Given

I saved a tomato plant in the neighbourhood and its fruiting wonderfully but for some reason the tomato skin wrinkles when it starts growing a bit , is it the sun? The plant is outdoors and it goes 34C

Asked by: reem ( points)   Posted:April 6, 2015

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damaged leaves
what is causing holes in my pepper plants leaves?

Pepper, bell    MI

another problem with my pepper plant! i was watering this morning and noticed that there are holes in at least two of the younger leaves at the top of the plant. the plant currently sits in the window and I do not disturb it at all. i am not aware of damaging it and i cant see any trace of any...

Asked by: Abby ( points)   Posted:February 11, 2013

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Praying mantis for controlling pest in the vegetable garden

General    CT

Has anybody ever purchased praying mantis egg cases? If so, would you recommend them as a method of keeping pest populations under control in your vegetables? I often see them in seed catalogs and wonder if I should give them a try - they eat beneficials too though right?

Asked by: Rod Morrison ( points)   Posted:April 30, 2013

5 answers    8159 views